Looking for a trustworthy master builder for your next construction project?
Look no further. Heyhoe Builders was founded in 1981 and has a proud reputation of excellent workmanship and first-class customer service.

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At the heart of Heyhoe Builders is Chris Heyhoe and his team of craftsmen. Chris was born in Wellington and has always had a passion for building.  “In kindergarten I received my first hammer and a bucket of nails and that was it for me.”  He went on to be a carpenter and bought his first house at age 22.

He developed a keen eye for detail and design as well as an understanding of all aspects of the business. That first purchase turned into a thriving business creating unique custom homes.

His wife Joanna who also works with the business credits him with being the design specialist.  “Chris takes the time to make sure things are done right and done beautifully.”

One of the other strengths of the company is the eight members of his on site team.  Their loyalty and long term service with Chris ranges from five to twenty plus years.

He also has well established relationships with all of his tradesmen who understand Chris’ expectations of quality.

For Chris he understands that he is not just building houses he is building homes.  “When I partner with a client I will walk the site with them discussing their vision and offering my input and the reasons behind it.  I want them to benefit from my years of experience and help to bring the customer’s dreams to life. I want to offer options that they might not have considered to enhance their lives.  I want to build quality homes for quality people”.

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At Heyhoe Builders, the customer is our top priority. We believe that the customer and builder relationship is key to the successful build. Good communication and flexibility are two very important ingredients that we strive to provide. We will give you and your dream home our dedicated attention.


We understand what a huge and exciting life decision you are making when you decide to build your dream home, and we’ll work very hard to make this a positive and happy experience for you. Once the design has been chosen, Heyhoe Builders will provide you with quotes and timelines that will give you an excellent overview of the building process. We will clearly answer any questions and concerns you may have, and will continue to do so throughout the entire building project. Your involvement is as important to us as it is to you and your family.


As a registered master builder, Heyhoe Builders offers a 10-year Master Build Guarantee.


Heyhoe Builders achievements are reflected in the many referrals we have received over the years. We provide only the best in quality craftsmanship, reliability and service. We have strong, well-established working relationships with our trades and service providers. The Heyhoe Builders team will keep the construction site clean and you will be treated with the professionalism and courtesy that you deserve. Heyhoe Builders guarantees customer satisfaction – from the early consultation stages to the completion of your dream home – that will last a lifetime.

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5 Lochiel Road
New Zealand, 6035


Chris Heyhoe
+64 4 479 3502


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